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The Unlock Hustle!

How I used unlocks to escape the "Rat Race"

Unlockjunky founder: Marcus Favors

A step-by-step course to launch you into the Billion dollar smartphone market


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Meet Marcus A.K.A The "Unlockjunky"

Hey! Im Marcus! The Founder and CEO of Unlockjunky. Over the last 7 years, I have been living my dream of traveling the world, experiencing various cultures, connecting with nature, and unlocking phones!

My first month after launching Unlockjunky, I made $400; my first year, I made $47,000!

My goal with this course is to inspire someone else to break away from the "RAT RACE" and to live the life they've always imagined. 



This is NOT YOUR STANDARD BUSINESS COURSE. This course will not teach you Project management, Leadership, or Financial forecasting!

Instead, this course will teach you how to successfully start and run your own Smartphone repair company, Travel the world, take back your time, and LIVE an UNLOCKED Life.

They like to say, " it's not that simple," but the truth is.. it is that Simple!  Business at the core is about "Connection," Connecting with people, products, and ideas! This course will teach you how to get connected.


Start living Unlocked

No Technical or Business Pre-requisites Required!

I started "unlockjunky" at 17 with no prior business experience! All you need is a windows computer and a willingness to learn!

* If you can turn your computer on and move your mouse, you can unlock phones!

This program will condense everything I've learned over the last 7 years running this business into a digestible course.

By the end of the "Unlock Hustle Course," you will not only have all of the knowledge to start an online business, but you will also have already started one! 

"Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality." ~ Dali Lama

1.5 Billion smartphones are sold each year!

The unlock market is one of the most underrated markets Today! With over 1.5 Billion smartphones sold EVERY YEAR and growing! This market has unlimited potential and relatively low competition.

Getting into the unlock business in 2022 is like investing in bitcoin 12 years ago! 

The Business for Digital Nomads!

Are you interested in Traveling the world? Exploring different cultures & connecting with different people? If so... This course is for you!

This was precisely my goal when I decided to quit my job at Metro-PCS to start "Unlockjunky" Within 6 months, I sold everything and decided to travel full time. All you need is a windows laptop, an internet connection, and a little knowledge, and you can do it too!

* ( Costa rica 2022 )

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Keep in mind that the course is not complete!

I will be uploading two modules a week.

People who pre-order will have direct access to me! And the "Elite unlock community."

The price will increase 10X once the course is complete.

 Are you ready to become a unlock hustler? 

Starting a Business doesn't have to be hard

$337 / One time Payment

For less than the price of an iPhone X you will learn how to..

  • Create a 5-6 figure business
  • Marketing / Advertising strategies that will get you, customers!
  • How to build and LAUNCH A WEBSITE
  • How to Unlock a variety of devices! Including Samsung, ZTE, and Motorola
  • All tools, resources, and connections I've used over the last 7 years to run Unlockjunky
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By the end of the course you will able to...

🌏 Create a Unique Online Brand 

I will show you Simple strategies and tools that will help you create a compelling company name, Logo and stand out from competitors.

πŸ’» Launch a Service based website!

You will learn how to create a website with Shopify, Launch it and welcome your first customers!

πŸ”“ Unlock Samsungs, Zte, Motos & Huawei

You will have access to tools and sources that i've used over the last 7 years to successfully run my 6-figure unlock business! These tools will allow you to unlock phones both in-person and remotely.

πŸ“§ Use marketing to reach your ideal customer

Use a plethora of strategies and techniques to connect you with your ideal customer! By the end of the course you will know exactly how to reach your target Audience.

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

This course will provide you with everything you need to go from no business or Smartphone repair experience to running a successful Remote Smartphone unlock business! The knowledge learned in this course will aid you in any online business you start in the future!

Limited Enrollment! Im only Taking 100 Students!

* My intention is not to saturate the market.

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" Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life"

Steve Jobs

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  • Updated unlock tools & resources after all payments are complete
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Over 10,481 Happy customers!

1000s of Happy customers from all across the world! 


Caley ~

 Unlocking phones have completely transformed my life! I started unlocking phones through Marcus's website ( Unlockjunky ) back in 2018. Over the course of 2 years, I could quit my job as a bartender and focus on growing my business Full-time. 

Brooks Range ~

" I am a complete NOOB and Marcus worked with me until it was done. Lots of patience from him. Well worth every penny! 100% satisfied. "

$100,000 worth of value for $337

Deep look into the Market

What is Smartphone unlocking?

Smartphone unlocking is pretty straightforward. It consists of removing some form of lock from a phone! There are 3 main types of unlocks CARRIER UNLOCKING, FRP/SCREEN LOCKS & IMEI/Blacklisted devices

Carrier locks - This lock is very common; occurs typically if you buy a smartphone from a particular carrier, they will generally charge you a bit less. But the cost is that you can only use the phone on their network! Unlocking this allows the customer to use the telephone on ANY network provider!


FRP/Screen locks - Screen locks are also common; they occur when someone forgets the password to their phone and can no longer gain access! If they decide to reset the phone to factory setting ( Android only ), the phone will then FRP LOCK, asking for The Google account previously associated with the device. Unlocking this will allow the customer to regain access to the device; in most cases, you cannot preserve data.

( This happens a lot when buying second-hand android devices )


IMEI/Blacklisted - This occurs when someone purchases a device on payments and decides not to pay it off; the carrier will add the device to a blacklist, which makes it unusable on any service providers in the country! Unlocking this will allow the customer to use the device on any service provider again.


You can start a business for less than the price of a..

Nintendo switch 

 mid-range smartphone

meta quest VR headset

 50 inch flat screen tv

 living room sofa




Frequently asked questions


When does the course start and finish?

The course is self-paced and you may take as long as you need to complete it. There is no time limit for completion.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course! (hosted on Kajabi).

How do I access the course materials?

Log in to unlockHustle Courses by clicking Sign Up/Login in the upper right of this page.

Course videos are not available for download and must be viewed through the platform. Some items, such as course worksheets, will be available to download.

What skills will this course teach me?

UnlockHustle® will teach you how to start and run a remote smartphone repair company! The skills you will learn includes Connection based Business, Branding/Marketing, Site building, and most importantly How to Unlock phones!

What equipment/tools will I need to complete the course?

Initially, you just need a computer with an internet connection. 

Future expenses include:

Domain Name: $12/Year

Website hosting: $30/month

VPN: $7/ month

Usb redirector program ( Allows people to connect to you from anywhere in the world ) $149/ one time fee

* This Is extremely inexpensive for a business with 6-figure potential!


Can I pay with PayPal?

Yes! We love PayPal!

What if I am unhappy with the course?

Oh no! We don't want that! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, let us know within the first 30 days by emailing [email protected] and we will refund your payment.


What do I do if I need help?

For questions about your billing or accessing the course materials, email [email protected].

Starting a Business doesn't have to be hard

$337 / One time Payment

For less than the price of an iPhone X you will learn how to..

  • Create a 5-6 figure business
  • Marketing / Advertising strategies that will get you, customers!
  • How to build a service website for you unlock brand!
  • How to Unlock a variety of devices! Including Samsung, ZTE, and Motorola
  • All tools, resources, and connections I've used over the last 7 years to run Unlockjunky
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My Honest Disclaimer:

Hi. Marcus favors, founder of Unlockjunky here. I want to make sure you understand this is not a get rich quick scheme. I’ve put in years of effort, and have been very fortunate. Not all businesses succeed, and this product will not guarantee your success. This offering is an education tool. I have no doubt that if this course is taken seriously you will walk away with an Extra source of income, but with like anything in life it will require hard work, Always remember that running a business involves risk. Some businesses succeed, and some fail. but, I will do everything in my power to ensure that you succeed! Any testimonials are real and valid, but are not guarantees you will obtain the same results.

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